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Our Favourite White Wine

A very carefully selected wine tasted by us that either punches above its weight or is particularly worthy of recommendation.

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A A Badenhorst Papegaai White Blend 2018

80% Chenin with a splash each of Palomino, Roussane, Verdelho and Grenache Blanc. You simply don't get more personality in a wine for this price. We absolutely love it. You can have the most expensive winemaking equipment in the world, but to what end if the final result is neutral and dull? This is no-frills winemaking at its best, and the end result blows other wines in the same price category out of the water! On the nose it has ripe stone fruits, which follows through to the palate, with a light citrus zing, plenty of texture and a mineral verve that takes it to a long finish.

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White - 12.5%
South africa - Swartland
Grape: Chenin blanc

AA Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc 2019

Apricots cascade off the palate into a heady blend of fresh pineapple chunks, stone fruits and dried mango with a hint of fresh almond. All that sweet tropical fruit is kept in check by a leesy, honey dew melon palate, dried mango, with a vibrant, almost peppery finish.

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White - 13.5%
South africa - Swartland
Grape: Chenin blanc

Riesling Stefan Winter 2018

'Today is the day that you order your very first case of German Riesling. Believe me, this wine is worth it and this is because it is truly dry, magically tangy and citrusy and also the proud possessor of a stunning perfume. While I was tasting this wine my cousin and her pal rocked up and they both grabbed a glass – they were so shocked at the flavour I wish I had taken a photograph to capture the pleasure on their faces. Winter is a specialist in making wines that send a glorious shiver down your spine. Take the plunge – you will not regret it!' Matthew Jukes, Money Week on the 2016 vintage

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Germany - Rheinhessen
Grape: Riesling

Jumping Creek Chardonnay, Yarra Valley 2017

From a winery located on the Jumping Creek Road, close to Wonga Park in the Yarra Valley, the Jumping Creek chardonnay is a real schnuzwozzer of a white, packed with mouthwatering flavours of ripe bingalong, ooba booba and mnghfff. chardonnay from the region’s Strewthgalaar soil is a speciality… the upshot being a wine that’s far less silly than it sounds. (It’s actually really good.)

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White - 13%
Australia - Yarra valley
Grape: Chardonnay

Boina White, Portugal Boutique Winery 2017

A traditional Douro field blend (a co-fermentation of various interplanted white grape varieties) some of which are 90 years old! This has a core of stone fruits and green apple. On the palate there is an almost palomino, pear and white peach fruit profile, but what sets this apart from almost all wines at this price point is the intense minerality rounded off with a buttery finish and hint of toasted hazlenut.

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Portugal - Douro

Blank Bottle Moment of Silence, Wellington 2018

We like what you are doing to us, BB M of S 2018. We like it a lot. On the nose you're spoiling us, ambassador, with your mellifluous aromas of guava, pineapple, honeyed peach and your cultured hints of fynbos. The way in which you meld these seamlessly with the faintest notes of classy old wood makes us smile both inwardly and outwardly, and wish to make the world a better place. Your lovely generous texture, which suggests full-ness without appearing 'big' or boozy, makes us want to go skipping over a mountain glade flying a big, brightly coloured kite, while the gentle viognier efflorescences of your dewy fresh personality has us practicing iambic pentameter so we might pen doating sonnets to your unutterable perfection.

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South africa - Wellington

Pouilly-Fume Vitae Domaine du Bouchot 2018

Lifted, almost pungent notes of white flowers, chamomile, buttery flowers, banana, some pear drop. Fleshy fruit, a fine fringe of palate coating sweetness, with a core of minerality. Fresh, springlike, floral character with some filling.

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France - Loire

Domaine Michel & Stéphane Ogier Viognier de Rosine 2018

This has all the grace and flower-scented gorgeousness of a top Condrieu – the vineyards are actually a stone’s throw north of Condrieu, bordering Cote Rotie – for considerably fewer of your earth pounds. Elegant, rich, peachy, honeyed and floral, it’s a 75cl dose of pure joy The world’s ultimate expression of the hedonistic Viognier grape from the steepest slopes of the northern Rhône, this is one of our ideal wines in its brightest form.

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France - Condrieu

Saint-Veran 'Bois de Fee' Domaine Thibert et Fils 2015

Chantilly cream poured over white peaches poached in a faintly floral syrup. This is the sort of wine that makes you a bit emotional, transporting you to heady summer days. Fresh green apples and lemon sorbet on the palate - you won't be able to stop yourself grinning.

30 days and over delivery from now
White - 13%
France - Burgundy
Grape: Chardonnay

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