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Our Favourite PINK FIZZ from Venice

La Jara Frizzante Rose £9.95!

It really is marvellous how hard times can bring about unlikely sources of inspiration and consolation. Seeing images of those lovely mountain goats blithely strutting through the street of Llandudno... my failed but valiant attempts to make sourdough bread... restored connections with old friends - I'm back in contact with friends I haven't seen for 10, 15 years - and routinely losing to them at online quizzes, just like in the old days. I've even started reading books again. Remember those? Those dense blocks of bound paper packed full of words and meanings? For the past decade I haven't been able to look at one without turning catatonic and dribbling, but now they've become portals to an enchanting new world. My brain is beginning to work again. It's great!

 Another source of such inspiration and consolation - we very much hope - is our favourite summer tipple, La Jara Frizzanté Rosé. Nothing brings us quite as much joy as the months begin to add up as this effervescent deliciousness. It bursts from the glass with the scents of fresh, dew-beaded strawberries, crunchy Gala apples, citrus oil and white flowers, promoting levity, love and joy wherever its cork is popped. And all at a bargain £9.95 a bottle!

This is not your supermarket Prosecco which promises the world but in reality is like the 'Brexit dividend'- this is the real deal, made with organic grapes grown on the superior soils of Piave (rather than the flatlands of Veneto) by a century-old Veneto producer described by the UK wine press variously as 'a genius' (Matthew Jukes, The Mail) and 'Prosecco royalty' (Victoria Moore, Telegraph).

 "Just a note to say thanks very much for the Jara, it’s stunning and amazing value for a tenner." 



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