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Contender for Red Wine Find of the Year - Similar to Barolo but just £11.95!

Nebbiolo, Elvio Tintero 2016

This is an extraordinary wine for the price. We've looked for Nebbiolo (the grape that makes Barolo and Barberesco) in the past and found that the good ones from well-sited vineyards are well into the £20 price bracket, which is pretty close to Barolo prices. The cheaper ones are a bit raw, because they come from northerly facing vineyards, or closer to the valley floor where the fog lingers, and the Nebbiolo grape, which needs plenty of ripening, doesn't get enough sun.

This, on the other hand, does come from from well-sited vineyards - within a few hundred meters of the famous slopes of Barbaresco - and only a few km from Alba - and is just right. You can read a bit about the background below - it's a nice story - but this humble family has seemingly made sufficient from their Moscato production over the years and are content not to make a bigger buck from this wine when they very well could. Hat's off.

  I wouldn't bat an eyelid if you told me this was one of the pricier versions of Nebbiolo. I could even name a famous Barolo producer, Giacomo Conterno, who if they made one it might taste rather like this, as it has a bit of their house style of gentle fragrant rose, quite pale in colour, a hint of strawberry, fired brick and earth flavours.

The winery is bottling especially for Swig customers

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