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Swig's Summer Sippers with Wine Car Boot - SAVE £25

"Our favourite event of the summer has gone virtual! So load up your car boot with vino, get the grill on for a burger or too and sit back because this is definitely your summer sorted!..." more info

£125.00 per case

6 Favourites (2 of each) Reduced to £10 a bottle

"If there was ever a time for great wine at a fantastic price it's now! Tuck into 6 Swig favourites with all of your favourite tinned goods and toilet roll surrounding you. Delivered straight to your home free of charge...." more info

£120.00 per case

Swig Personal Shopper Case

"Fed up of making decisions or not sure what you want? Let us be your personal shoppers for the day 6 bottles of wine lovingly hand picked and tailored to your taste from the Swig selection.Discover wines to fall in love with and SAVE ..." more info

£100.00 per case

Swig New Finds - 11 + 1 bottle free!

"Fed up of staring at the same four walls day in day out? Yep, me too! Well, there's never been a better time to try something new. Variety is the spice of life after all. So, we've popped together 6 of the newest of all of our new finds to tanta..." more info

£169.00 per case

Swig Bestsellers - Wines we can't live without - SAVE £38

"Introducing the Swig Six ... wines that are so much a part of Swig that we can't imagine life without them. These are our bestsellers - the wines our customers reach for time and time again. Their deliciousness and dependability is only outshone by..." more info

£130.00 per case

6 Reds for Every Occasion

"No matter whether you are glued to a box set, indulging in a quiet night in or entertaining the masses with a veritable feast, there is a red in this case to suit every occasion. Dabble in a curry with our Alceo or invite the whole street round for..." more info

£75.00 per case

6 Whites to Intrigue and Delight

"Stuck in a rut? Always end up reaching for the same Sauvignon? Well, never fear, Swig are here and we've got 6 white wines to tickle your taste buds and reignite your love of wine...." more info

£75.00 per case

French Classics

"Here at Swig HQ we have always championed new and emerging regions and countries, but even we admit that sometimes the classics are the best. So don that Beret, invest in the stinkiest of cheeses and sample some of the world's most loved classic..." more info

£110.00 per case

Swigs Essential Italy

"Our hearts go out to all of our Italian friends right now. We've spoken to our winemakers and they are thankfully all well and safe looking forward to budburst and a great 2020 crop. As a little tribute to all of their hard work we've popped tog..." more info

£110.00 per case

Organic Mixed 12

"Let the eco warrior inside you loose and no rabbit food or sandals in sight. And what does organic mean in wine terms? No chemicals in the vineyard and extra special care at all aspects of the winemaking process resulting in a guilt free, sensationa..." more info

£175.00 per case
Showing product: 1 - 10 of 11
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'One of South Africa's best Grenache reds.'
'This is must be one of South Africa’s best Grenache reds. see more...
"A great discovery" - Champagne Collard-Picard Prestige
This is a great discovery, made by Champenois couple Olivie see more...