Don’t kill your carefully chosen white. Another surprising discovery.

Drinking Boekenhoutskloof The Wolftrap at Portencross

As we prepared for a picnic at Portencross in Ayrshire this weekend I ran out of the house grabbing a bottle of Boekenhoutskloof, The Wolftrap 2010 made from the grapes Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Chenin, from a recently delivered wine box from, you guessed it, Swig. What this wine had going for it in my haste was a screwcap and that I had not tried it in six months. But it wasn’t chilled. I was thinking uh oh, it’s just not going to sing. Everything else was just right. The setting, the saltbeef sandwich on rye and the sun was shining. But I gave the first glass to my wife and she loved it. And then I tried it. Yes, wow, it was wonderful, giving off all its perfume of gentle orange and peach and guava. It had a gorgeous sastisfying texture too, which was perfect on a day that had a bit of a breeze, to make the wine feel more substantial and also to match the weight of the sandwich. Well I was amazed. All that for £10.
So with half a bottle left I put it in the fridge to try with our roast chicken dinner the same night. Serving a glass straight after getting it out of fridge it had completely closed down. The nose was far less interesting. It was very pleasant indeed but showing nothing like the wonderful wafts of fruit we got earlier in the day. The texture was less rich as well. So we went through the meal as was and I saved one last sip for when I was tidying up, and it was the best sip of the night, becuase it was back to room temperature, or just about. So, the point is, for a wine with plenty of character, made from grapes such as Viognier, Roussanne, Chenin Blanc and Grenache Blanc the chances our you will have much more fun if you give it just 10 minutes in the fridge, than if you serve it cold from the fridge. I must remember to do this more often. Better to start a bit warm and chill it down than the other way round, as by the time it warms up you’ll have finished the meal. – Robin

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