Don’t serve good Rose too cold. A fortunate discovery.

Drinking Domaine Coste Rose in the garden, June 20, 2012[/caption]
I arrived home later than my guest and popped a bottle of our Southern French Rose Domaine Coste in the freezer. After making the guacomole I was too embarassed to arrive in the garden without a bottle of wine as well and took the rose from the freezer, popped the cork and we were all amazed at how lovely it was. It couldn’t have been in the chiller more than ten minutes. My guest even said it tasted of strawberries. And I totallly agree. But it wouldn’t have if we had chilled it as hard as we all normally cool our roses. It was much better than when I served it at the weekend with roast chicken at a cooler temperature. Though even then our guests commented on how lovely it was. So the point is half an hour in the fridge is about right to get the maximum from this beautiful wine. Or else take it out of the fridge 15 to 30 minutes or more before you drink it (I know,I know). At the higher serving temperature you also get more of the round texture of the wine, more so than if it was too cold, and you get why it is frankly better than the ridiculously highly priced Ott and Esclans roses that sell for more like £25 and £45 respectively. Try them blind in a line up and say what you think they’re worth. The rose Coste disappeared quicker than a flash and we moved into a bottle of our best value red find of last year, Hacienda Zorita 2006, which never ceases to amaze.


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