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Prosecco Collfondo Fratelli Collavo NV (Organic)

Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Type: Sparkling
Producer: Collavo, fratelli
Grape: Glera
Bottle Size: 75cl
Vintage: 2016
Body: Medium bodied
Alcohol: 11%
Sweetness: Dry

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In a world where Pawsecco (yes, that is Prosecco for your dog) and Prosecco crisps actually exist, Swig is fighting a one-man mission to return this planet to normality and bring back Prosecco you actually want to drink! We guarantee that your first sip of Marco Collavo's 'Collfondo' will completely change your perception of Prosecco and have you head over heels in an instant. This is savoury and grown up with layers of citrus, white peach and freshly baked bread. Where other Proseccos are gone as soon as they are supped, this has a long, lingering finish, an unctuous texture and a super-fine, stylish mousse. One of the great joy's of this weeks Italian tasting was watching the glint in Marco's eyes as he helped customer after customer discover the joy that is this ancient-method Prosecco. So, be one of the cool kids and get ahead of the game.

Tasting Notes

There are almost as many renderings of the term as there are bubbles in the wine, but what in the name of all that’s holy, right and good in the world does it mean? Literally, it means ‘with its bottom’. In wine terms, it means ‘with the lees sediment’ – that is, the fine, silty, yeast residue left after a Prosecco has undergone a second stage of fermentation in bottle. This is not a practice we usually associate with Prosecco, but it is how a lot of Prosecco was made until the 1980s, when producers identified a surge in demand for transparent, retail-friendly, tank-fermented fizz and abandoned it. So it is that nowadays, most of the Prosecco people buy is fermented in a big steel tank and then bottled under pressure – it’s called the Charmat method after its pioneer (and every Champagne producer’s nemesis) Eugene Charmat. Colfondo Prosecco, by contrast, uses the ‘ancestral method’. Here, partially fermented grape juice is bottled and continues to ferment under seal. Assuming it’s been made by a skilled winemaker it will complete its fermentation not by exploding violently, but by creating a gentle (more frizzante than spumante), palate-cleansing fizz. The fine yeast residue will then sink to the bottom of the bottle, where it’s left to impart extra flavour and texture to the wine. It also has the handy property of being anti-oxidant, thus acting as a preservative.

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