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Grillo 'Ariddu' Valdibella 2015 (Organic)

Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Type: White
Producer: Valdibella
Grape: Grillo
Bottle Size: 75cl
Vintage: 2015
Alcohol: 13.5%

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There is a hint of Viognier about it, with lovely vibrant aromatics, orangey fruit, a good texture but not weighty, with a good crisp, dry finish. It's perfect for crossing the divide, between those who don't like Chardonnay and those who don't like Sauvignon, yet far more interesting than Picpoul or Pinot Grigio. We love it.

Tasting Notes

A beautiful white wine made from Grillo - pronounced "Greel-loe" A grape so ancient that Julius Caesar used to drink it. Vegan as well! 'NO' to the mafia The father of one of the growers was killed by the mafia, so he says how could he live with himself if he didn't say no to 'pizzo', the cut that the mafia used to extort. As a group the vignerons were the first to join the 'Addiopizzo' movement - 'No to the pizzo'. It is marked on the label. Helping troubled youths The group chose to make their further plantings in the area of Camporeale, in order to enable the center for troubled youths to be able to participate should they wish. It is a underprivleged area and poor and one of the vignerous remembers that it was even poorer when he was a boy but the villagers were happy, and they all ate together and helped each other. This was part of their inspiration for helping the centre. Organic Finally, the wholly committed to organic winemaking. It itself, that can be destructive, without planting other crops. So they have about 100 different varietes of almonds and many olives trees, that are planted near ponds, lakes and woods and rocks. We love this wine first and foremost for its beautiful character. But it's impossible not to be moved by their energy to make the world a better place. The name Camporeale derives from the Latin Campus Regalis, which mean: field worthy of a king. The area is situated between the provinces ofTrapani and Palermo, that have been fighting over this fertile territory for centuries.

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