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Spanish Wine

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Marquesa de Atiza Blanco 2016

Do you know what Spain's number one grape variety is? You'd be forgiven for drawing a blank! It's Macabeo, and here is an example of that very grape variety. Being as popular as it is, this wine could so easily fall into step with a veritable ocean of generic Spanish whites. But you know that if it did, we wouldn't be listing it! This is a particularly clean example, exuding pretty floral notes and delivering a delightful roundness on the palate. Soft and peachy, with a bright acidity. It's not a world-beater, but it is outstanding value and very gluggable to boot.

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White - 13%
Spain - Carinena
Grape: Macabeo,macabeu

Albarino, Nai e Senora, Terra de Asorei 2017

There is a special sort of malaise that is liable to overtake one during the summer months when, feeling a sudden thirst, one realises he is without that supremely dependable, pure, crisp and flavoursome white wine which would make his life complete. One can see it in one's mind's eye, sure enough - chilled, with a fine frosting of condensation on the bottle, conjuring images of waves lapping the shore, iridescent sea spray and great teeming platters of massive prawns, but upon opening the fridge door: nothing, vacant space, an accusatory absence which no other beverage can remedy. You may not realise it, but that void in your life is albariño-shaped.

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White - 13%
Spain - Rias baixas
Grape: Albarino

Rioja Vinedos Ruiz Jimenez Tempranillo Blanco 2016 (Organic)

Winner of Swig's prettiest label award, this is beautiful and delicate and very swiggable! Super enticing floral notes on the nose with green apple and dried mango. The palate is crisp and clean with lots of citrus and green pears and just a hint of smoke. The perfect summer sipper!

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Spain - Rioja

Sentits Blancs Bodegas Puiggros 2014

Honeysuckle, lemon pith, and clotted cream on the nose, with just a hint of struck match. There's orange flower water there too. This is definitely a "shove your nose in there a bunch of times because it'll be different with every sniff" sort of wine. The palate is a great combination of power and subtle nuance. There are some big flavours there - ripe tropical fruit notes, creamy touches, textured oak, but also lighter floral edges and gentle spice as well. This is quite awesome right now - a stonking mouth full of wine - but with age it will mellow a bit. Delicious now, but worth sticking down if you've got the patience. 13.5% Drink now - 2020

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White - 13.5%
Spain - Catalonia
Grape: Garnatxa blanca

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Cruz de Piedra Garnacha 2015

Bright, ripe brambly fruit with soft notes of sweetly spiced cherry and liquorice. Very much quaffable on its own but there's a bit of structure to it as well, meaning its pleasures will be amplified with food. This is going to marry well with anything from a juicy medium-rare ribeye to a robust central-heating-for-the-soul winter stew. I opted to drink it with stewed beef cheek and buttery garlic mashed potato, and felt like the cat's miaow in consequence.

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Red - 14%
Spain - Catalonia
Grape: Garnacha,grenache

Titos Garnacha, Familia Bastida 2015

"Such good value, I almost fell out of my chair" – Robin Davis. Yep, Spain really is a wellspring of vinous bargains these days: rich winemaking heritage, check; huge diversity of terroir, check; loads of gnarly old vines with the potential to produce high-quality fruit, plenty of interesting grape varieties, cheap land and production costs – check, check, checkeroo. This wine, with its quite serious structure and complex, oak-spiced dark berry fruit profile, is a prime example of the amazing value Spain offers, a wine whose charms would inevitably come with a heftier price tag were it made practically anywhere else in the world.

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Red - 14%
Spain - Castilla y leon
Grape: Garnacha,monastrell,mourvedre

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Rioja Vinedos Ruiz Jimenez Garnacha 2016 (Organic)

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Red - Organic
Spain - Rioja

Buro Vendimia Seleccionada, Bodegas Pascual, Ribera del Duero 2015

The 2015 is a reminder of how great this wine really is with an incredible complexity and finesse coming from the 50 year old vines. Intense cherry red, with bright blackberries and plums develop into a dark and brooding concoction with hints of spice, tobacco and toffee. The tannins give you a gentle tug and then give way to a smooth and velvety caress on the palate. Simply outstanding value from the region.

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Red - 14%
Spain - Ribera del duero
Grape: Tempranillo

Planella Joan d'Anguera, Montsant 2016

The first thing that hits you on the nose is the purity of the fruit. Like they've squeezed a blackcurrant into it, extracting the very essence of the fruit. Dancing over the top are violets in raspberry shoes. From that pure and pretty nose, that palate plunges you into spicy, smokey, bramble fruit layers of deliciousness with a core of minerality that would put even the most flinty Chablis to shame. This is a thing of beauty and joy and will give you shivers of delight for at least the next five to eight years.

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Spain - Montsant
Grape: Carignan,syrah

A Veredas Rioja Crianza 2016

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Spain - Rioja

Silice Viticultores 2016

The first thing that jumps out of the glass is how astonishingly pretty and beguiling this is. Floral notes dance across the glass with rich ripe raspberrys, a hint of tangy raspberry tea and a savoury, smokey oak note. The palate has a beautiful core of fresh ripe cranberry and cherry with spice notes and an aromatic flourish. Careful and considered, but wild and ethereal. You can't not love this!

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Red - 12%
Spain - Ribeira sacra
Grape: Mencia

Laurel, Clos I Terrasses, Priorat 2016

Some of the best things are unexpected. That £20 note in your pocket, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and Clos Erasmus Priorat. Despite its current global renown and acclaim, it actually started life by accident, when Swiss born Daphne Glorian visited Priorat with her friends in the late 1980s. Originally, Daphne had no intention of purchasing any vines, until Priorat pioneers Alvaro Palacios and Rene Barbier (of Clos Mogador) convinced her of the untapped potential of the area. Fast forward 20 years and two 100 point wines, that sell for several hundred pounds a bottle, and she is now firmly one of the go to producers in the area.

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Spain - Priorat

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