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One of the best Spanish whites we've ever tried

Like finding a 1kg white truffle

Sorry, this offer is not available!


SOLD OUT. Sorry if you came here looking for this wine. If you were wanting some please email us as there is a  possibility, albeit slim, we can get a couple more cases.

From an ambitious Priorat producer - one of the most interesting, delicious whites of the year


It's an absolutely stunning wine, not just for the price (an insane £14.95 - case price), but by any standard of measurement


On a number of occasions I’ve heard winemakers of Priorat talk of mythical white wines made from old vine white garnatxa (aka white Grenache) that they drink in one another’s cellars with guitars and songs after the sweat of a day of pressing grapes is over. One listens on thinking nice, how wonderful to be a winemaker in Priorat, happy for them, but resigned that this hallowed juice will never touch one’s own lips.

That was until we chanced upon this Garnatxa white from Priorat!

As luck would have it they’re a new producer looking for buyers for the very first time. Quantities are tiny; just 2700 bottles made. We could only get 480 bottles but would have loved a lot more.

On the fascinating nose there is a touch of oiliness, with some butter and lemon. It has the struck match and mineral wispiness of a white Burgundy, with a hint of grilled bacon fat, which leads to a palate of lemon rind, grapefruit, caramelised pineapple, salted almonds and toasted pine nuts. There is a nice core of acidity that pulls it together and gives it a refreshing little bite. The oak comes through on the palate in the most delicious way. The wine is a meal in itself. We recommend this very highly. Its aroma and taste got us all excited in equal measure. 13.5% alc.

Caveat Emptor
It’s not going to be everyone’s favourite. Some people will love it whatever, but it is a little off-piste. It’s a wine for those who know they like a bit of funk in their wine. It’s actually incredibly normal and many less experienced palates would like it, but we make the point because it has flavours that remind us a little of Silex (that was a bit of a marmite wine that we sold once that split opinion, but which was incredibly popular), Riesling, old vine Chenin, trad White Rioja – like Vina Gravonia, and white Burgundy. It is not like any of these wines exactly but it has a bit of the character of them all.

Mas d’en Blei Clos Martina

£15.95 per bottle BUY NOW ONLINE
£93 for six bottle (£15.50 equivalent) BUY NOW ONLINE
£179.40 per twelve bottles (£14.95 equivalent) BUY NOW ONLINE

 The producer Mas d’en Blei is new and ambitious in their desire to make quality, and only just now establishing their reputation. They want to be up there with the best. Their red is great too, but wasn’t bottled in time to ship now. We just had to put our hands up and ship the white over as fast as we could to secure the few remaining bottles in the cellar of this unique and pretty extraordinary wine.

The shot above with the bottle label shows the 'licorella', the 'schist' soil, that you find in some of the best corners of Priorat that gives 'Blei' some of its unique character.
The shot below gives you an impression of the stunning wild hilly setting that they depict on the label with the contour lines.

SOLD OUT. Sorry if you came here looking for this wine. If you were wanting some please email us as there is a  possibility, albeit slim, we can get a couple more cases.


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