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Money Week Mixed Case

"'I attended a Swig tasting recently and I have to admit that the 160 bottles on display were some of the most pleasing and intriguing I have seen this year. I have picked six bottles from this great event with the intention of introducing your palat..." more info

£153.80 per case

Swig Staples

"'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.'  Okay so this is less of a giant leap and more of a mahousive glug, but nevertheless we realise a huge list of wines can be very intimdating so we have whittled it down to our Swig stap..." more info

£150.00 per case

Champagne: The Perfect Gift

"“Pleasure without Champagne is purely artificial.” – Oscar Wilde      Curry favour with family and friends with our unbeatable Champagne gift offer: a bottle of our best..." more info

£42.00 per case

Two's a Crowd

"Sharing is definitely not caring this Christmas so hunker down, turn off the phone and indulge in some serious quality time with these two delectably delicious slices of vinous heaven...." more info

£75.00 per case

Lucky Dip Mixed 6

"Feeling adventurous? Then get your hands on our lucky dip selection. 6 bottles of wine lovingly hand picked for you from the Swig selection.Discover wines to fall in love with and SAVE SAVE SAVE with a possible selection of wines..." more info

£85.00 per case

Little Luxuries

"Whether you've been naughty or nice this Swigmas make sure you make it the best possible with this decadent and delicious box of delights. Treat yourself (or a loved one) and crack open a bottle of our St Joseph with a rich and meaty Ossobucco or in..." more info

£149.00 per case

Christmas Survival Pack - SAVE £40

"Like it or not Christmas is approaching fast and whether you are a list-maker or a last-minute-dasher it's never too early to 'get your festive on'...." more info

£125.00 per case

The Wild One

"Socks - tick. Novelty tie - tick. Gardening gloves - tick. Is your Christmas list starting to look more like a cut price catalogue than a table of tantalising treats? Well never fear because Swig are here and we have a case of 6 that will surprise a..." more info

£140.00 per case

6 Whites to Intrigue and Delight

"Stuck in a rut? Always end up reaching for the same Sauvignon? Well, never fear, Swig are here and we've got 6 white wines to tickle your taste buds and reignite your love of wine...." more info

£75.00 per case

Mixed 12 Summer Sippers - SAVE £35

"With the Great British Summer being such a temperamental beast don't worry about having to make sure you have the right wines in stock. Concentrate on cramming in the maximum amount of vitamin D hours and let Swig take care of the rest...." more info

£120.00 per case
Showing product: 1 - 10 of 11
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'One of South Africa's best Grenache reds.'
'This is must be one of South Africa’s best Grenache reds. see more...
'One of the most ebullient and exciting new reds in the Cape'
Made by David Cope and Simon Wibberley this is one of the most e see more...
"A great discovery" - Champagne Collard-Picard Prestige
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