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Money Week Mixed Case

'I attended a Swig tasting recently and I have to admit that the 160 bottles on display were some of the most pleasing and intriguing I have seen this year. I have picked six bottles from this great event with the intention of introducing your palate to wines which not only reward from a gustatory and intellectual standpoint but also from a value for money angle. It’s all very well me flinging expensive bottles at you, but a wine club is a vehicle for introducing movers and shakers to wines with the same credentials. These wines will set you up for the crazy season and beyond with epic flavours which don’t cost the earth. They’re true to Swig’s original motto — genuinely exciting wine for the ‘Serious Wine Imbibers Group’!' Matthew Jukes, Money Week

Money Week - Mixed Case of 12 Wines

Case of 12: £153.80
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2 x Domaine Castera Jurancon Sec 2017

'This wine is another time-capsule experience for me. I first bought Castéra’s wines when I was in charge of wine buying for Bibendum Restaurant in the Michelin Building in Chelsea, London in 1990. My first experience of wines made from the Gros and Petit Manseng and Petit Courbu grapes; I was hooked. The violet and greengage nose balanced by the brutally dry palate was shocking and memorable. The wines are much more polished today, and that is a relief, but they are still haunting and delicious. Floral and crisp, you must taste this rare French classic.' Matthew Jukes, Money Week

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White - 13.5%
France - Jurancon
Grape: Gros manseng,petit courbu
2 x L'Appel des Sereines Syrah, Francois Villard, N Rhone 2016

'I’ll never forget visiting this chap for the first time back in the early nineties. I nicknamed Villard and his two neighbours, Gaillard and Cuilleron, the Three Musketeers in my notes. They were young, outspoken, daring and made expressive, honest wines. Fastforward 25 years and they’re still heroes in the Northern Rhône, but only one makes a budget Syrah like this one. This is, hands down, one of the most fragrant, juicy and bargain-priced Syrahs on earth. I adore the iodine-tinged nose and blackberry palate – it is the definition of this grape and I heartily commend it to you.' Matthew Jukes, Money Week

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Red - 12.5%
France - Rhone
Grape: Syrah
2 x Rote Kuvee Groszer Wein 2015

SPECIAL 12 BOTTLE PRICE FOR NOVEMBER MONEY WEEK WINE CLUB - ONE MONTH ONLY 'Made from the excellent Austrian red grape Blaufränkisch blended with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, this is a beautiful wine, showcasing the very best this country has to offer at a fighting price. The depth of plum and berry fruit, cut with cinnamon spice and pink peppercorns, is astounding. It is a claret-shaped wine with an entirely modern and enthralling outlook. Not only that, I love the label and the whole atmosphere surrounding the ritual of opening and drinking this wine. Push the boat out, claret-drinkers, and get yourselves bang up to date with what’s happening right now in the wine world!' Matthew Jukes, Money Week

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Red - 13%
Austria - Burgenland
Grape: Blaufrankisch
2 x Soli Pinot Noir, Miroglio,Thracian Valley 2016

'OK, this is the joker in the pack. I hold my hands up. You will have two bottles of this cheeky Pinot in your mixed case and you will not believe what’s happening when you dip your hooter into the glass. It is budget-priced, of course, but your expectations will undoubtedly be set low and then the surprise will build in your eyebrows, before making it down to your smile. Yes, this is Bulgaria’s hidden weapon – and who the hell would have guessed it would be a Pinot? Not me, that’s for sure.' Matthew Jukes, Money Week

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Red - 13.5%
Bulgaria - Thracian valley
Grape: Pinot noir
2 x Stadt Krems Gruner Veltliner Lossterrassen 2017

SPECIAL 12 BOTTLE PRICE FOR NOVEMBER MONEY WEEK WINE CLUB - ONE MONTH ONLY 'There is a veritable ocean of Grüner out there and while it has certainly caught the eye of the UK consumer, I doubt that the average wine drinker realises that there is a gulf in quality from the lean, stripped, pithy wines bumping along the bottom of the wine pond and the serenely, gliding, stunners on the surface. A heavenly example of Austria’s most famous grape, it reeks class on the nose, palate and finish. It is Zen-like, captivating and refreshing and it doesn’t even break into a trot on the palate, such is its composure and confidence. A must for elite aperitif wine work!' Matthew Jukes, Money Week

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White - 12.5%
Austria - Burgenland
Grape: Gruner veltliner
2 x AA Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc 2018

The 2018 Secateurs wowed us with it's beautiful balance of weight and texture with a fine acidity that will quickly make this your go-to wine. It really separates it from the rafts of pub blackboard Chenins, and puts it in a category of more serious Chenin that often costs a lot more. This is really outstanding wine, and exceptionally good value - it could easily be twice the price and you wouldn't bat an eyelid.

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White - 13.5%
South africa - Swartland
Grape: Chenin blanc
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