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6 Whites to Intrigue and Delight

Stuck in a rut? Always end up reaching for the same Sauvignon? Well, never fear, Swig are here and we've got 6 white wines to tickle your taste buds and reignite your love of wine.

Swig Mixed Case of 6 White Wines

Case of 6: £75.00
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1 x Albarino, Nai e Senora, Terra de Asorei 2017

There is a special sort of malaise that is liable to overtake one during the summer months when, feeling a sudden thirst, one realises he is without that supremely dependable, pure, crisp and flavoursome white wine which would make his life complete. One can see it in one's mind's eye, sure enough - chilled, with a fine frosting of condensation on the bottle, conjuring images of waves lapping the shore, iridescent sea spray and great teeming platters of massive prawns, but upon opening the fridge door: nothing, vacant space, an accusatory absence which no other beverage can remedy. You may not realise it, but that void in your life is albariño-shaped.

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White - 13%
Spain - Rias baixas
Grape: Albarino
1 x Sauvignon de Touraine, Domaine de la Rochette 2017

Think of a delicate, floral Sancerre and then think of a better, brighter, more huggable world in which that wine is close to half the price. That’s what our Fleur de Printemps Touraine gives you. It’s as pretty as a snowflake on Christmas morn, with elderflower and white floral notes that pirhouette over a core of lemon sorbet, while there’s an intense streak of minerality that belies this wine’s lesser known appellation. This is a Sauvignon Blanc that even the anti- Sauvignon Blanc brigade can warm to. An absolute winner with grilled fish. A slurp for you and a glug for the baking dish, which would adjust the right amount of zest and refreshment.

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White - 12.5%
France - Loire
Grape: Sauvignon blanc
1 x Riesling Stefan Winter 2017

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Germany - Rheinhessen
1 x Ortrugo Bonellii 2017

Ortrugo? No we hadn’t heard of it either, but turns out that this hidden gem of Emilia Romagna is downright delicious. Layers of lemon sorbet scrumptiousness make this a perfect party pairing – just throw in some crab canapes or a garlic prawn starter and you’ll be on the way to vinous heaven.

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White - 11.5%
Italy - Emilia romagna
1 x Boina White, Portugal Boutique Winery 2017

Exciting things be happening in the Douro Valley. It’s no longer about Port and Bordeaux-imitating oaky, over-extracted table wines. Fresher, lower-alcohol wines showing off the region’s indigenous grape varieties now abound. They’re especially good at vibrant, mineral whites – as exemplified by this traditional Douro field blend (a co-fermentation of various interplanted white grape varieties) from one ofthe most exciting new names on the block. It has a core of stone fruits and green apple with the waxy, toasted nut intensity. On the palate, an almost Palomino-like, conference pear and white peach fruit profile, but what sets this apart from most wines at this price point is the intense minerality rounded off with a buttery finish and hint of toasted hazelnut. A serious festive winner!

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Portugal - Douro
1 x AA Badenhorst Secateurs Chenin Blanc 2017

Golden aromas of ripe, oven baked apricots, fresh pineapple chunks and wall climbing magnolia. The nose conjures up balmy evening sitting on the terrace (or in South Africa - the stoep) and as the sun goes down, the air filling with a heavenly, sweet fragrance of the flowers - gardenias perhaps, climbing up the trellis and walls. All that sweet tropical fruit is kept in check by a leesy, honey dew melon palate, dried mango, witha vibrant, almost peppery finish.

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White - 13%
South africa - Swartland
Grape: Chenin blanc
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