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Mixed 6 Swig Summer Whites

We'll keep this short and sweet, we know you're busy people, places to go, people to see, heatwaves to enjoy, dreams to fulfil... As usual our one fundamental motivation as we've been working our way through this blistering summer heat, surrounded by feeble desk fans whose only real effect is to blow pieces of unanchored paper around the office, has been the question: what can we do to make Swiggers' lives better, richer, happier? We brainstormed this question until our ears bled, rejecting idea ('How about a nude staff calendar?') after idea ('Maybe we should just leave them alone...') until we hit upon the one, the UR-idea, beautiful in its simplicity, flawless in its logic and refreshing in its substance, a mixed summer case. 

Two of our best-value everyday white wines, available as mixed cases at a discounted price to keep you well oiled on these balmy summer days. Our delicious Nai e Senora Albarino and our fruity little beauty Linea Miru Pecorino. Available as mixed cases in any configuration you like, all summer. 

Mixed 6 Bottle Case - 3 Albarino 3 Pecorino

Case of 6: £80.00
Available for next /same day delivery
3 x Albarino, Nai e Senora, Terra de Asorei 2017

There is a special sort of malaise that is liable to overtake one during the summer months when, feeling a sudden thirst, one realises he is without that supremely dependable, pure, crisp and flavoursome white wine which would make his life complete. One can see it in one's mind's eye, sure enough - chilled, with a fine frosting of condensation on the bottle, conjuring images of waves lapping the shore, iridescent sea spray and great teeming platters of massive prawns, but upon opening the fridge door: nothing, vacant space, an accusatory absence which no other beverage can remedy. You may not realise it, but that void in your life is albariño-shaped.

Available for next /same day delivery
White - 13%
Spain - Rias baixas
Grape: Albarino
3 x Pecorino, Linea Miru, Vinicola Carassanese 2017

Gentle ripe fruit, unfettered by oak. As easy-going as you like. Sweet floral apples – a Golden Delicious and Red Delicious sort of vibe – with pear drops and melon and a hint of jasmine. It’s generously fruity but with a palate-cleansing minerality at the end, that ultimately makes it a very refreshing wine

Available for next /same day delivery
White - 13%
Italy - Marche
Grape: Pecorino
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