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about swig

 Welcome to SWIG - importers of artisanal wines 

We supply private clients, and some of Britain's finest restaurants and independents. 

We are a small group of  misfits who travel around the world looking for delicious undiscovered wines that punch above their weight. Many of our wines are rare gems you won't find anywhere else.

One of our greatest pleasures is to source wine from small family-owned wineries. The other is to get to know our customers and their tastes and provide a personal service to them.

Comments and Press

"Wine lovers tend to be set in their ways: once they discover what they prefer in terms of grapes or regions, they stick within those parameters. I’m as guilty of this as the next person.That’s why we should all be grateful for wine merchants like Robin Davis at Swig. He has made it his lifelong passion to hunt down obscure wines that excite his palate and are properly priced." - Bruce Palling, The Week

"So many talk about a positive customer experience being at the heart of their business, so few actually understand what that means. My experience over quite a few years now is Swig actually lives its valuesKeith"

 "I think that what you do is utterly exemplary and sets a standard for all others to aim at! " Richard

"Swig is where we go to source our “surprise” wines. They give you that choice."
Gymkhana Sommellier, Valentin Radosav 

"Just to say the last two wines that you guys have sourced (Great white and Fleur d P) have been exceptional and a real pleasure to share with friends.  Fantastic value for money and punching weigh above their weight in those price brackets!
The team’s efforts and whole service are hugely appreciated" Jon G. July, 2017

 "I reckon you guys are about the best wine merchant in the market at present for those who are happy to live on the newer shores of wine-making." Patrick

 "You guys have simply have by far the best discoveries of any wine merchant in the UK" Matti

“SWIG do for wine what Mr and Mrs Smith do for hotels”
Victoria Moore, The Telegraph

“SWIG is an expert wine company at sniffing out top quality, boutique estate wines”

  Robin Davis (founder) from SWIG  is a committed wine hunter. Like the 19th-century botanists who went on wild adventures searching out undocumented plant specimens, Robin will sniff his way through regions that seem to have been completely picked over – and, once in a while, emerge with a jewel
- Victoria Moore, The Telegraph

"A website you may not have spotted that should be top of your browsing list this year for the sheer quality of its wines is"  
Olly Smith, The Sunday Mail

 Some customer comments:

"I really like what you’re doing at Swig, so different compared to plenty of other merchants" Ollie F.

"So many talk about a positive customer experience being at the heart of their business, so few actually understand what that means. My experience over quite a few years now is Swig actually lives its values" Keith

"Thank you very much indeed for sending the wines so promptly and for being as helpful as you were. Some of the wines have been sampled already and all of them have been excellent." David E
"I reckon you guys are about the best wine merchant in the market at present for those who are happy to live on the newer shores of wine-making.  There a few niche offers (Sampler are quite cute), and on the old turf Berry’s (Berry Brothers and Rudd) still rule, but for a “progressive” merchant I think you have it. Breadth of choice, off piste makers, depth of advice among your colleagues, acute sense of price points, etc etc" Patrick H

"You guys simply have by far the best discoveries of any merchant in the UK, at least to my taste, and it's clear you all have great enthusiasm at your work, so a real pleasure doing business with you." Matti

"From what I see, I think that what you do is utterly exemplary and sets a standard for all others to aim at!  You particularly seem to have a knack for sniffing out new and absolutely stunning wineries, whose wines one can't find anywhere else in this country, which is exactly what independent merchants should all try to do and is IMMENSELY to your credit." Richard C-B

"Never had a bad wine from you yet" John and Sue 

"I have to say as a Decanter reader that Swig is doing an incredible job in finding great value wines – your hit rate in that band (which is the one I shop in!) is incredible." Tim L.

"We had the Cabernet (Zagreus)last night and were blown away.  Cannot believe this is an £8.50 wine. Have not been disappointed by a bottle I've bought from swig yet!" Iain

"Swig have had some really great recommendations at the sub £20 range for everyday consumption - thanks for the good work!" Aaron T.

"Just to say thank you for your superb wines. You have truly broadened our cellar and horizons. The website is a joy to explore and your Friday offerings always lead to a purchase. SWIG is in a class of its own in the wine trade." Jason C.

"Many thanks to  you and your colleagues  for making life interesting!!" George J.

"We think it is absolutely superb. SWIG have a great ability at picking out unusual but intriguing wines. It comes down to having good palates and having the confidence to rely on your own judgement rather than following the herd. The Folie d'Ines is so good that I would like to order another 12 bottle case.” John G

"I must say that of all the wine merchants I have dealt with over the years ( and there are many) I am finding your selections the most interesting. Keep up the great workJ."  Mark C

"Our Silex (Domaine des Masques Chardonnay) arrived last week and we opened the first bottle last night. Mrs Day is the white wine lover here and I thought you might like to hear what she has to say about the Silex – “amazing”, “scrumptious”, “one of the best whites I have ever tasted” – how about that for an unsolicited endorsement ! We cannot yet pin down all the flavours and bouquet; re-reading your tasting notes we see that you too were not precise on this point and wonder if you too had the same challenge."  Ian D.

"I decided to sample one of my recently acquired John Duval 2005 “Entity” Shiraz bottles to see if you chaps at Swig where talking sense. Well ! ---- I can honestly say that this Aussie brew is quite FANTASTIC and as you suggest will, with the tannin and fruit balance, get even better with ageing. It’s a real find and great value. You chaps have the nose to sniff out the special deals so please keep em coming. Well done lads you’ve done it again. Best regards" - John Y

"I wouldn't want to miss out on any updates, especially to hear if you are going to get any Lismore Viognier next year. I have never taken the time to email a merchant about one of their wines, but what a wine! It is definitely up there as one of my all time wine experiences, please get some more next year and let me know when you do."  Steve C

" Greatly enjoying my recent purchases - mixed case of Sauvs, the Spanish reds and that succulent, sensational Valpolicella" Jeremy T  

"You guys consistently make me avoid disappointment. That's worth repeat custom and word of mouth referral!" George P-W

 "Prior to shutting it away for a few years, I decided last night to test drive the 2005 red Ladoix Les Grechons.  A stunning wine - thank you for the recommendation." Paul L

"Just to let you know I'm getting some great feedback from people I've pushed in your direction. Buddy of mine Alex E., was raving about you chaps on Friday, and another Martin L. y'day. Keep up the good work!"  George A

"I just wanted to thank-you for being so efficient! The wine has already arrived and I can't wait to open a bottle! I wouldn't be surprised if I were to contact you again in the future!
Thank-you for such excellent service" - Rhian  E

“Did I thank you for identifying me as a candidate for the Chateau Perin? It is delicious." Mike S

 "Just returned from holiday with our dear friends the S...'s – Tom was waxing lyrical about your discerning selection of wines and I wondered if you would be kind enough to add me to your mailing list. I have grown a little weary of Berry Bros, they are consistent but maybe a little old school. McKinley Vintners have gone wholesale on me and I have tried a couple of web sites that have proven disappointing. Nearby the likes of Majestic and Oddbins leave little to surprise and the S****** is horrendously expensive. So please copy me on your offer, bin ends and let me find out about your philosophy!
Kind regards" - Martin L

"The mixed sauvs were/are stunning as are the Brunellos - I've had one of each so far.Thanks again for your great service (and taste)" - Matthew B

"My word you give a great service. Thanks so much - to your courier friend also - for getting the Christmas Box to my father the day before I gave you the post-code!" - Crispin C

"It was superb. James - you said it drank like a £15 bottle. You underestimated - I think it as good as many £30 bottles. Thankyou for your recommendation. You 3 have excellent judgement  - I think you approach wine tasting and buying without preconceptions or prejudice and it is this , combined with good palates, that enables you to discover unusual, exceptional wines. Best wishes" - John G

 "Just to confirm that all the wines were delivered today. It was a complicated order but the delivery is absolutely correct - I marvel at your efficiency."

“I think your policy for en primeur is bang on. Where you guys really distinguish yourselves is by putting together selective lists of first class wines that you all stand over and which often offer something a little different" - Michael B


"A really good wine merchant" Jamie Goode, Wine Anorak

 “SWIG is an expert wine company at sniffing out top quality, boutique estate wines.” Matthew

Shortlisted for National Merchant of the Year 2012, Decanter Magazine

Shortlisted for Direct Merchant of the Year 2012, International Wine Challenge

“Swig's notes are exceptional. Such a good read, a model of entertainment and information" - Jancis Robinson

“Swig have an extraordinary gift for finding gems from all around the world, some of which are astonishing value" - Simon Hoggart, The Spectator

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